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DiagnosisDiffuse midline glioma (2), Glioblastoma (3), High-grade glioma (7), Infant-type hemispheric glioma (3)

Pediatric tumors are rare and deadly diseases, currently the leading cause of disease related death in children (Ped), adolescent and young adults (AYA) - Ped-AYA. Gliomas are the most common brain tumor in the Ped-AYA group and malignant high-grade glial lesions remain incurable. The most underserved and understudied group for that disease are the older children, the adolescent group and young adults ranging in age between 15 to 39. Historically, gliomas were explored within two groups: pediatric and adults and AYA glioma were analyzed as a fraction of the adult's population study while patients were distributed through pediatric and adult hospital due to undefined age-related intervention. We identified the unmet need to explore the pediatric population with the AYA age group as these were never studied together. We utilized Ped-AYA HGG samples from the Children's Brain Tumor Network (CBTN). This cohort represents 15 tumor events obtained from 9 patients, with a mix of primary-progression and progression-recurrent tumor pairs. Matched tumor/normal WGS or tumor WGS, tumor RNA-Seq, methylation, and proteogenomics data are available from this cohort through

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